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Wrought Iron Windmill-3D Spherical Shape

Wrought Iron Windmill-3D Spherical Shape Artikelnummer: 1748321

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Produktsname Wrought Iron Windmill-3D Spherical Shape
Artikelnummer 1748321
Gewicht 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Kategorie Garden Decoration
Erstellungsdatum 2021-03-22

This Wrought Iron Windmill-3D Spherical Shape will be an attractive addition to your lawn or garden. It is made of durable iron with a 4 leg design that keeps it sturdy and in place. Although a beautiful decorative piece, it is also used for determining wind speed and direction.  There is some assembly required and strictly wind powered. With its weather resistant design, it is built to last through the season. Set up this beautifully designed windmill to be the finishing touch to your lawn or gardens.

1. Decorate your lawn or garden
2. Determining wind speed and direction.
3. High quality iron construction
4. Weather Resistant
5. Quiet operation

1. Material: Iron
2. Style: Threaded Butt Joint
3. Color: Multicolored Brush
4. Bearing Covers: 1
5. Number of Nails In The Soil: 5
6. Number of Poles: 4
7. Number of Windmill Sections: 2
8. Windmill Height: 203cm
9. Nail Length: 25cm
10. Overall Diameter Of Windmill Sphere: 31cm
11. Hemispheric Diameter Of Windmill: 34cm
12. Net Weight: 4.74lbs / 2.15kg

Package Includes:
1 x Windmill
1 x Specification

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